Book Review in Christian Century

The Christian Century
November 2022 BOOKS

Discerning Welcome: A Reformed Faith Approach to Refugees
By Ellen Clark Clemot
(Publisher: Cascade)

Congregations seeking to provide hospitality and live out the commandment of neighbor love will find a valuable resource in this volume, which focuses on immigrants seeking asylum from genocide, war, or religious persecution.

The book begins with a compelling story of a man who was arrested
and imprisoned after registering with US Immigration and Customs
Enforcement with hope of receiving asylum (see “Injustice gets personal,” Aug. 1, 2018). Clemot engages the Reformed tradition to articulate ethical obligations to refugees, discuss the moral issue of border walls, and assess the political lives of faith communities.

This work is even-toned, thoughtful, and practical in laying out what
churches and congregants can do to aid refugees.

Excerpted from Take & Read: Practical theology by Susan Willhauck

Christian Century – November 2022

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