Ellen Clark Clemot is a writer of books, articles, and sermons about welcome. She offers both inclusion and justice for people seeking refuge – and a community they can call home. Her book: Discerning Welcome, equips readers to understand the plight of the refugee and make ethical choices about ways of welcoming for themselves.

Book Reviews:

  • The Christian Century, November 2022
    Congregations seeking to provide hospitality and live out the commandment of neighbor love will find a valuable resource in this volume, which focuses on immigrants seeking asylum from genocide, war, or religious persecution.
  • The Presbyterian Outlook, November 2022
    At a time of almost unprecedented of people – from Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Syria to name only the most recent cases – Ellen Clark Clemot’s book will be an increasingly valuable resources to educate all Christians in how to practice a loving ethic of witness and welcome.

Book Recommendations:

  • Will Willimon, Duke Divinity School
    “Clemot has given the church a wonderful book that encourages churches to welcome others in the name of Christ…”
  • Donald K. McKim, Editor of Encyclopedia of the Reform Faith
    “Ellen Clark Clemot has provided an immensely helpful discussion and path to discernment to churches which wish to welcome neighbor refugees…”
  • Luke Bretherton, Duke University
    “This book unfolds a Reformed Theology of hospitality… [and]… welcome as a civil practice.”



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